This page contains the views of the MP candidates for Barking on a wide range of issues

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Stop press: 7 of your candidates haven't gone on the record!

UK Independence Party - UKIP
Frank Maloney
(UK Independence Party - UKIP)
Official Monster Raving Loony Party
Crucial Chris Dowling
(Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
because we couldn't contact them
Labour Party
Margaret Hodge
(Labour Party)
Liberal Democrats
Dominic Carman
(Liberal Democrats)
British National Party
Nick Griffin
(British National Party)
because we couldn't contact them
Conservative Party
Simon Marcus
(Conservative Party)
Christian Party - Proclaiming Christ's Lordship
George Hargreaves
(Christian Party - Proclaiming Christ's Lordship)

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  • We asked volunteers to find local questions, but unfortunately none have been submitted for this constituency.

National statements

Answers by party

In many places, key candidates have refused to go on the record (and sometimes we've been unable to get in touch with them). As a poor substitute, you can see a rough version of how each party answers on average over at our partner site, Democracy Club.

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